Our Story

Cailin Chapman - Remnu CEO and Co-founder

Cailin Chapman, RDN, LD &
CEO and Co-Founder Remnu

I started Remnu as a new mom. I suffered for years from neck pain, tension headaches and overall, I just felt drained (long before becoming a mother!). The exhaustion that was compounding with a new baby was overwhelming, but it was the deep burning pain in my neck and daily headaches that propelled me to figure out just what was stopping me from a getting a painless, restful sleep.  I began brainstorming a resolution, but life happened. 

Fast forward, two more children, a full time college student, and many purchased therapeutic pillows with no resolution to my neck pain, headaches, or finding restful sleep.  At that point, I decided to figure it out on my own, or at least try.  Like many of you, I am very passionate about health and wellness.  I fully appreciate the importance of getting my sleep.  As a registered dietitian, I have a deep understanding and appreciation for what proper sleep (and sleep cycles) can do to improve our lifestyles and enhance our well-being. It was in part due to this knowledge and understanding of how sleep impacts our health, that made it even more important for me to figure out my own sleep issues so I could begin my own path to improved health and wellness.

It was through trial and error and attempts at manipulating the many pillows on my bed, that I found what I needed - a pillow that really supported me. This process led to my design of the first Remnu pillow.

I can remember the excitement around completing the first pillow.  Back then, I had no intention of selling the pillow as a product. I was simply trying to find a solution to my perpetual sleep problems. After a few nights of sleeping on the pillow, I knew I had solved my problem. That deep burning pain in my neck was instantly gone when I used the my Remnu pillow. I was falling asleep within minutes of laying down and I slept - all night!  I woke up and felt well-rested. The daily headaches and neck tension had dissipated and within a few weeks had resolved. Based on my personal experience, I made each of my family members a Remnu pillow to use - children included. The results were the same as mine, pain relief and sleep (and even snoring problems improved)!  The word spread and soon I was making them for my extended family… and then their extended family… and friends of the family, and well, the rest is history!

It got to a point where I could not keep up with demand, and that is where it became apparent that this pillow was solving a lot of people’s sleep issues.  The Remnu Pillow recently launched to the public and the reviews from our new customers tell the stories we are all too familiar with, but they also show how well the Remnu Pillow is improving the quality and quantity of their sleep!

Today’s Remnu pillow is the result of a lot of research and testing of various materials and fabrication methods – which has been a lot of fun for our family! The quality of the materials and craftsmanship is something you will notice from the moment you first sleep on the pillow. 

A premium pillow purchase is a big decision and unfortunately, one that is often overlooked.  If you are reading this you understand the importance that a good pillow can make in improving your sleep. There are a lot of options out there. Ultimately, it just comes down to one thing, does the pillow help you sleep your best? To that end, we believe you will not find a better pillow on the market.

Our Remnu team is on a mission to improve your health and well-being through improved deep sleep, night after night. Let the Remnu Pillow do the work for you, so all you do is sleep - this is the way a pillow should be!